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Deschutes Research, Inc. was developed as an organization that offered scientists the opportunity to create, develop, and evaluate products that could promote health and well being in individuals, families and communities. The company was founded by Herb Severson who had worked as a research scientist at the Oregon Research Institute for many years. He wanted to create a place where he and other scientists could pursue product development and commercialization opportunities for research products from NIH funding. While we often reported on important findings from NIH funded research, the intervention or programs used in the research often die with the ending of funding and fail to be implemented for the public benefit.

DRI is named after the river in Oregon that runs north for almost 200 miles from the Cascade Mountains to the Columbia River. This is the most famous of the Oregon rivers and represents one of the most beautiful wild and scenic rivers in Oregon. Herb Severson has a cabin on the river and has spent a lot of time both rafting and fishing on the river, so the name of the company grew out his respect and love for this river.